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GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) Uses & Our Birds

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  • GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) Uses & Our Birds

    *To disinfect surfaces in the aviary and nursery such as brooders, incubators, cages, perches, and carriers, make an all purpose cleaner by adding 30 to 60 drops of GSE to a 32-ounce pump spray bottle filled with water. Mix well and spray.

    *To disinfect wood surfaces, apply a few drops of GSE to the cleaned wood while still wet. Let stand for half an hour.

    *To clean formula from baby parrots' faces and feathers after syringe feedings, add a few drops of GSE to a bowl of warm water to wet the cleaning cloth. It kills bacteria and gets the skin and feathers squeaky clean.

    *To sterilize syringes, pipettes, spoons, and other handfeeding utensils, make a solution of 15 to 30 drops of GSE per pint of water. Soak between feedings.

    *To make your own antibacterial soap for the nursery and kitchen, add ten to fifteen drops of GSE to an eight-ounce pump dispenser of handsoap.

    *To make a disinfectant soak for produce, add 10 to15 drops of GSE per gallon of water and submerge the fruits and vegetables for 15 to 30 seconds.

    *To make a disinfectant spray for produce, add 20 or more drops to a quart spray bottle and spray on fruits and vegetables.

    *To prevent the growth of algae and mold in incubators and humidifiers, add three or four drops of GSE per gallon to the water reservoir.

    *To clean and disinfect cutting boards, apply 10 to 20 drops of GSE to the cutting board. Rub it into the board with a wet sponge or cloth. Leave the GSE on for at least 30 minutes and rinse.

    *To purify water, add 10 drops of GSE per gallon of water and stir vigorously. It is more effective than iodine.

    *To treat skin fungi, parasites, or bacterial diseases of the skin of birds and other pets, mix 30 to 50 drops of GSE per quart of water and spray on the infected area.

    *To prevent the growth of pathogens and to kill existing parasites, (such as giardia from well water), use one drop of Nutribiotic GSE in an eight-ounce water cup.

    *To boost the cleaning power of dishwasher detergent for bird dishes, add 15 to 30 drops of GSE to the dishwasher along with detergent.

    *To disinfect towels and cloths used for baby parrots, add 30 to 50 drops to the wash cycle, or add 10 to 15 drops of GSE to the final rinse to ensure that the laundry is fungi and bacteria free.

    *To disinfect carpet in bird rooms, add 10 to 15 drops of GSE per gallon of water to the reservoir of the carpet cleaning machine.

    Birds cannot tell us their symptoms and since GSE is a broad-spectrum treatment, it is quickly becoming the first line of defense for many pet owners, breeders, and veterinarians. Birds can safely be given GSE every day as a preventive or remedy.

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